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Docomomo [Edição 04]

From Brasília to Jacuí: Parallels of Modern Urbanism in Southern Brazil

Sergio Moacir Marques


Abstract: Analysis and reflection on the cultural relations of the winning project of the National Competition for the Pilot Plan of the New Capital of Brazil, with another competition, carried out in parallel, under similar conditions and fine-tuned thinking, illustrating concomitant interpretations of modern urbanism in the different Brazilian regions. The Competition for the Jacuí Delta, launched one year after Brasilia, was the second largest Brazilian competition - both in terms of project volume and values involved - carried out in those decades, won by a team formed originally for the competition of the federal capital, made up of protagonists of the modern Brazilian vanguard in the south of the country, reveals, in part, parallels and idiosyncrasies of modern Brazilian culture and the urbanism from Brasília, practiced in the southern region of Brazil.

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