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Docomomo [Edição 04]

Radically Modern: Architectures in the Economic and Social Development Laboratory, Arica 1960-70

Horacio Torrent


The architecture of the sixties can be seen in the framework of an intense laboratory facing the challenges imposed by the idea of development, which transformed the formal conventions that had been established as part of the modern tradition. The reading of a series of architectures created by the same policie, that of the Arica’s Board of Progress can be illustrative of how, in the margins, an opportunity of transformation of the anatomy of the modern form was constituted by the impulse of development. The series of works is conformed by: the block of the Tacora building, the superblock Lastarria the box of the Public Services building, the juxtaposed boxes of the Casino, the mat-building of the Velázquez Campus and the megaform of the bus terminal. They provide a record of the options and systems that accompanied the expectations generated by the economic and social development, as well as an opportunity to review the formal ideas that the architects proposed in the face of the challenge of -literally- shaping development.

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