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Docomomo [Edição 04]

Modern pocitos: A catalog of high residential buildings from the 1950's and 1960's in the area of Pocitos, Montevideo

Alfredo Nicolas Pelaez Iglesias, Francesco Ranieri Comerci, Santiago Gastambide, Andres Cardoso, Juan Pablo Tuja


This article aims at communicating the systematic investigation and cataloguing of high residential buildings in the area of Pocitos, Montevideo, built in the 1950's and 1960's. It is about one of the high residential building concentrations with higher project quality in the city, early recognized by national and international criticism, and carried out by a relatively small group of architects such as Raúl Sichero, Luis García Pardo, Francisco Villegas Berro, Guillermo Jones Odriozola and Walter Pintos Risso, among others. Such production, of clearly modern affiliation, is characterized by the functional synthesis in the way of conceiving the programmatic demands, the rigorous abstract language used for the development of the different projects, and the adequate use of available technology, in particular the use of reinforced concrete, reaching in some cases avant-garde solutions. This catalog is not merely about isolated examples, but a group of coherent works, which intend to express an urban sensitivity, contributing to the quality of the city. The text describes the different methodological aspects of the implemented cataloging, and it also offers a characterization of the most relevant building and urban aspects concerning the different study cases, contextualizing them with other similar study cases in the region.  

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